Why do we do what we do?

Well I don’t know about “we”, for myself it’s for entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking as a child I mean it distracts me from just being so goddamn tired of this world and sadly enough the cause is people and the answer is people. See I’ve mentioned I’ve been bullied my entire schooling, always last, never picked, I paid to have friends... I was pretty pathetic. Since high school I’ve tried to shake the image of myself, embedded by the ones that made me feel like dying. I’ve become almost bulletproof and I was recently a victim of bullying and bigotry which ripped my vest right off. It hurt and no matter how many times we mend and rebuild ourselves, we continue to leave scars. Here’s where and what the latest graphic is all about.

With the recent government attack on women’s lives and how woman have been mistreated, the image of myself as a woman ready to take on the apocalypse but is tied and “X’d” out from negativity from her own kind because she was a hero, a force and the writing reads “I want to destroy the earth, I want to die” - sometimes the anger and abuse can drive us to a dark place where we want blood. Blood dries though and the memories of those eyes looking out to you by your enemy as in to say “I’m sorry”. But it’s too late, she’s already been consumed by her own creation of evil. Be a fighter and a warrior. Defend those around and have a goddamn fucking good time and wear some WF! 




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