What the fuck am I doing?

I ask myself that same question daily; I go to sleep designing and brainstorming and wake up ready to bring what’s in my head to life. I’m not a graphic design expert or a fashion designer by education - everything I do is done by learning on my own. I am one man with the vision of bringing out our fears, anger, frustration and saying: “fuck it, enough.”

As far as fashion goes, I know what looks good and I know what works. Each design I make comes from what I might be feeling in the moment or something that affects us all - like the horrible way this world never fails to let us down.

We at WeekendFuneral stand strong with everyone, no matter race, religion, sex or money. If you’re for the good of people, then we’re on the same side of this war. Kindness and cordiality have proven to be unsuccessful in this fight for equality, so we take matters into our own hands. Just as I believe “together we stand, together we fall, together we rise. We will stand strong.”

Believe this when I say it - I’m here to build something for everyone to feel united and to know they’re not the only one who feels alone. We may be dark and jaded inside, but who wants to wear black every day from head to toe?

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