What’s to come?

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t put WeekendFuneral at the top priority; from waking up (if I get to sleep) to tapering off at night, I’m always thinking ahead. I know right now I’m not as well known but that becomes less of an issue each day. I don’t know how everyone will perceive my imagery.


I try my best to not view much of the new styles out there to keep true to my own vision but that’s impossible and I’ve learned that some of the most creative minds think alike.


Still unsure as to what’s to come in the form of financial support. I’ve come to my end financially and it’s now on to a small miracle or just keep doing what I do until it’s enough to be seen and one of the people’s favorite line. With more to come, let’s see what develops. I hope you all share and let your friends and family and enemies and fuck buddies or what have you, know of us. We’re here for you and for those that just don’t feel heard.

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