What is WeekendFuneral? No, really...

There’s may sides to what I’m putting out there, and its safe to say it’s all of who I am and feel and nothing of it is made for the purpose to just make shit. So let’s see, WeekendFuneral has always been something I wanted to do, granted it didn’t have a name, it was a clouded vision. Spring 2018, the name “WeekendFuneral” came to me when  I had taken a trip up north to the Winchester Mansion, which I have always had a fascination with. I’ve always been fascinated by the unexplained and dark side of reality. But we can’t just put “this is me” on a T cause well… I mean I guess Supreme can and get away with it, but I digress. 

I’m not just a lonely, sad man dealing with demons of all the geographical areas of multiple hell dimensions, I smile and have somewhat of an understanding of how life works, or rather, the many way’s life can work. The creative process is the same, I don’t create an idea until I understand why. I can’t just put shit out there and expect a sell-out cause let’s face it, this is it. I’m so new and learning the ropes so bear with WeekendFuneral, as we develop into what we were created for. 

PS: WeekendFuneral is literally it’s meaning. It’s your Weekend. Fuck it, do what you want. Leave the hurt to fade. Plane revenge. Plan to build a treehouse or take on your enemy in your way. Through conflict we can find resolution to the weight of the darkness. There’s an excerpt I find just takes the best way to describe what I’m conveying and boom! Ya get it now. 

“People spend all day at work. The daily grind, the rat race, the old punch-in, punch-out. And the only relief is the promise of the weekend. When you get together with your sad friends, numb yourself with enough vodka to kill a horse, and watch an athlete do the physically impossible or get gravely injured trying.” 

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