What drives this passion?

Clothing and style are at a pivotal stage at every glance you take. The idolization of fashion designers through the years without the change that has recently been ushered in with Streetwear. Streetwear isn’t new though it’s being treated as the new “it” thing. From the overly-hyped, overly-priced and “nothing special but a name attached” to the DIY, hustling few that have a true passion, it’s a state of being and belonging to what makes you YOU in the streets. Sparkle with some rhinestones, fuck with some 3M reflective shit or simple tried and true screen print. I’m lost to be honest, when I see so many options and visions in my head that I spiral into some sort of depression and it sticks. Am I doing something wrong? Am I saying the right things?

This is why I can’t go wrong with honesty, integrity and the drive to make some dope shit for people to wear. I’ve been comfortable, I’ve been on budget. I’ve had more money than I knew what to do with and I spent nights wondering how I’ll pay rent or eat. It’s this that separates myself from many: I genuinely do not want fame and fortune and a mansion. I want a home, food and the ability to help those in my community and Southern California. I grew up in downtown Los Angeles, overstepping the homeless, avoiding the muggings because this city has become so strange to its community that they have to fight to survive. I was fortunate enough not to succeed when I wanted to leave this world on two different occasions and it made me realize, IM NOT DONE. We’re alone but together and I’m slowly building this empire for us that walk the streets everyday to work and want to look dope AF. That moment you finally saved for the hoodie you’ve had your eye on.

WeekendFuneral is brash, cut-throat honesty and good old fashion human emotion that we need the world or our streets to to see us and say “I feel you, man.”


Have questions? Want to know more? Email us! info@weekendfuneral.com or give us a buzz ‭(951) 384-0894‬

WeekendFuneral is me, and I’m just like you.

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