We’re lovers not fighters

WeekendFuneral loves and accepts everyone. During Pride month we celebrate our diversity and acceptance. We understand we come off as a radical satanic warship acquiring new mates, it’s inevitable with my aesthetic and persona. See, I can come off as aggressive or overbearingly angry at all times and that is because I am. The injustices of this planet sicken me and it’s an expression. Some of us are afraid or timid to allow our darkness to be seen. What we don’t always understand is we need that darkness. It’s a culmination of poison, if you will, and it will destroy us. Love one another. Be loving. Be peaceful. Retaliate with the hunger to save our fellow men and women. Don’t be afraid to speak, resist and conquer. No lie, all battles and wars have casualties and I’m not afraid to die for what I believe in. I really do love all you guys, no matter who you may be, you’re just like me. Be brave.


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