This is a rough gig

Business is tough, no matter how much I do this for the people, at its heart, it’s a business. If I could give people what they want, that would be a success in my eyes. Let’s face it, I’m new to the game. I’m self/taught and I have a passion. Two years ago, I was a raging alcoholic with no direction, stable job or home. When I say, you are your master, your higher power, I mean it. Ultimately, you take away the prayers, the attitude, there is just you. You are the foundation of your power. I decided, enough is enough.

I’m currently putting all my effort and time into WeekendFuneral. I left my job and living as best I can on savings while running a business. In the end, there is no doubt my creativity is being held by the balls because I don’t have the resources to produce it. It’s a fucking let down, all the design and hard work only to be told I can’t afford to bring it to light.

I’ll keep fighting what I can do for supporters of WeekendFuneral. Your support is enough to keep fighting.

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