So, who's stash do I get high on?

It's been said to "not get high on your own supply" so what the fuck then? I get it, I totally get it. It just seems like I'm liking my own IG posts. Yeah, some do it I just have a warped way of thinking I'm constantly being judged by others. 

So I'm hoping by now you know I'm taking about clothing lines, labels, designs, looks, etc. Who do I rep? Who should I rep? Should I just concentrate on my own looks and design or embrace the hard work of others and patronize their web stores? I have nothing but love for other's in the business and even those that feel invisible and over-charge because they can, doesn't mean I have to agree with their way of doing business. 

I have a vision for WeekendFuneral, and I have met many great talents and people in my early endeavors. WeekendFuneral will not stop. This is just the beginning. We're here to fuck some shit up and look lit. 

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