Let's clear the air

Well, I knew it would happen when I'm questioned as to why I seem so angry, hateful and vengeful when I promote love and unity? Simple. Neither I, nor does WeekendFuneral promote any form of hate or injustice. Years have passed where those of us with targets on our backs have sat in silence. We have as a human race seem to have lost touch with what it means to take what is yours. Love, respect and justice. Anyone or thing that stands in the way of the good of this world, I say destroy. There is no place in this world for the hatred. Is my violence hatred? No, it's years of ostracization for being just who I am.  

I read the news article because I can no longer take televised news as anything more than a fearmongering to prepare us to be once controlled by those powers that be. This is like clockwork, from beginning of time, human emotion is our weakness. 

I will always fight for the equality of all. I do not give a fuck the religion you follow, what race or nationality or color of skin or who you love. FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT of a false dream we've lived called America. I love my country because of the beautiful people that inhabit it, not because I'll never believe a single fucking lie America has told. 


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