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The clothing industry in streetwear has been slowly dipping into both the "weekend throwaways" from Forever21 to Virgil's Off--White premium line. I remember when I was discovering my love for clothing and fashion, I thought I had to pay top dollar for my clothes. A T-shirt was unheard of and I did my best to appear as hyped as possible while still living at home. Today, things have gone completely  different. I see things differently and as much as we all like to attribute things to "that's what happens with age", I'd rather say I attribute it to understanding what is going on around you. The dopest shit is the shit you feel dopest in. WeekendFuneral, is merely an accessory to your awesomeness. 

Constricts in gender specific clothing as really put a damper on what it is to feel you can express yourself through clothing. Today, we are slowly pulling apart that stigma that a man doesn't wear pink or that a women should wear dainty tops.

I'm a firm believer in expression of yourself and how you learn and grow by living. Life is fucking hard, there is no doubting that, but it's how we react that separates us from others. We never stop fighting. We're always fighting for what we want. I have big plans for WeekendFuneral and I will soon be reaching out via a crowdsourcing site and do my best to build WeekendFuneral to be able to give you what you want. Snapbacks, socks, bags etc. I will be producing some one off's and special editions for fans and contributors soon. This is a legitimist business an it takes time to make things happen and I grow impatient.  I will leave this with, we all need help at times and I'm not shy to say when I need some help in making a dream come true. I'm very much in awe with responses from so many amazing people, I will continue until I'm dead. 

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