It's been some time

Well it's been some time since I posted. Didn't have the ability to (not physically) but I did have the urge to write. I must say, in recent weeks, I am glad I have been able to say my side and have some that may not understand my reasoning, somewhat understand. See, as I've said before, I'm very upfront and offensive. The freedom of others aside from us should be respected and that include my ability to offend. I do so not to be an asshole but to show, with no filter, what we have become. I've kept to myself designing and taking in all types of feelings and emotions and I'll admit I've tapped into some dark places that I even debate releasing. Releasing, that's another idea I'll played with. I've been overwhelmed by the support so many have shown and as much as it's appreciated and invited, just like hopes and prayers, they aren't going to fill the bank account that brings all these ideas to a reality. So I ask you all if you would like to respond, I did try a Kickstarter once and failed horribly. I was new and dumb and had no clue. Now, I was thinking of bring that back, a go fund me or some sort of jump start to show you all, just how crazy and fucking awesome WeekendFuneal will become. I'm new, we all are. We're following our passion and hope to bring something I can wok on fully, day and night, more than now. I will do anything I possibly can to make sure I keep my customers excited and wanting more new releases. This is just the beginning and to those of you that have reached out about your order, thank you for the love and support. I was also thinking perhaps a giveaway or two. I know times are tough for many of us, I feel the pain of it every day but its the drive and tenacity to bring forward my mind to you all that keep WeekendFuneral going and it will.

Clothing-wise, women have expressed interest in a female variation of some of my designs and that can definitely be my next venture when I bring in some fall/winter gear. I have other ideas floating, but first thing is first, it's getting the funds to do so. So let's get this going, I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts. 

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