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The beauty of social media is the ability to scream into the universe as deafening as possible and not make a single impact. We ALL have our daily grind, our daily “OH FUCK ME!” and the “I JUST CAN’T”. Well, here’s my scream.

Fashion, a voice and a presence is what I work with in my daily life. It was not a healthy beginning, it was a need to feel and belong. We all have to answer to ourselves at one point, and we’re not always the kindest.

WeekendFuneral has given my vision, my world, a window to whisper through. To all of you, one of you at a time. Sure, I want to make some dope shit, and make it pop, and it is. It is and it has teeth. I’m angry and disgusted at this world and what we’ve become to each other. We’ve replaced love with hate, as hateful and cut-throat as my clothing may be, it comes from heart. A pure heart, of equal good and evil. I don’t see one or the other as the answer, evil is not always destruction but power and good could easily fool with knife behind it’s back.

I want to make sure I make my mark and I make all our voices heard. I want to fight the injustice and the bigotry. The hatred, racism and send all these Nazi punks to the furthest regions of hell where they can be consumed by their own hatred, molten in flames. These people may appear to be a part of the human race, yet are nothing but hurt and pain and have no place in a world where love is the answer.

So everyone, hear me out: Let’s bring this life together. I do ask for support because I’m not a corporation and will not be. Years from now, you will all see, I will not abandon you. This is our label.

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