I'm not the enemy

This darkness I feel I’ve felt all my life. Stories from my childhood of ritual cleansings revealing some not-so-nice things, granted they are folklore, made me think. I’ve always had this overwhelming sense of untapped power, in the form of myself, not some magics. I’ve always had an understanding of why it hurt, but never how to live with the hurt; I’m speaking mainly of depression. Depression has recently destroyed many lives, taken away from us and has infected us. We feed this infection, humans seem to not be living unless faced with some obstacles in between them and happiness. I do my best not to speak on behalf of others as the absolute reasoning or causes, just speak from my own life.

I began WeekendFuneral and an escape and to share my pain. I have some pieces that would not be considered appropriate for public wear. People choose to ignore what is all around them. The hurt and pain and violence of others unto us. I do what I do for shock and attention. People are so lame these days that they try to push the envelope yet don’t see this world has gone through a major change. You can’t shock with sex or blood. Violence and abuse have become their own way of life. No one thinks. Our minds are made of pure horror because we can be free with what we feel. I have no plans on slowing down. Please read this next paragraph, especially if you are religious:

It’s okay and great to have a faith. Faith. Not some fake man -made image of a higher power that has promoted nothing but hate, anger, abuse, disconnect, war and ignorance which is basically of all religion. Why? People get a grip, religion, as powerful as it may be, is a man made mentality. Here’s my thought, if you don’t hurt, participate in ignorance or have an ulterior motive, MORE POWER TO YOU! I’m happy if you’re happy. Don’t come to me and say I’m trying to rock people’s faith, for as I know it, if your faith is as solid as you claim, you should take no issue with my view. Hypocrisy runs rampant in us. Don’t be a follower. Fuck the bullshit.

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