How long can I stay awake?

“What the fuck is going on in this world?” I ask myself, every day. No, seriously, I do. I see people out and about, ready to pick a fight or ready to lie down and die and this doesn’t work for me. I haven’t slept either, so add up more voices and music I hear that’s not for everyone else. It’s odd, to say the least, the amount of control my brain has on itself. There has more noise disturbances in the walls, and it’s correlated with my extreme sense of loss, anxiety and the ideas that flowed through my brain last night are now a blur. A blur that I can control. With all that said, creatively, I’m a powerhouse right now and I’m trying my hardest to get the designs I have to all of you, though it is very tough considering it’s just me. I still refuse to work another job though I have had to, to make ends meet. It’s not an easy life and I’m struggling every day like all of you. Sometimes I don’t know if I’ll have my rent but something has been keeping my head above water. 

As far as customers are concerned, you come first. If you have any issues with our product we will make it right. See, this what I see:

We are being lead to slaughter. This country we live in has been lying to us and making us believe anything we should to keep this “Plan” on it’s all fours. We have to fight. We have asked nicely for peace. We have asked for civility, yet our country is being controlled as if we’re on our own again. All my white, black, brown, and every other shade of beautiful out there, I see you and what you do. I see the amazing things you don’t think anyone noticed. So this blog was more of an insomniacs rantings. I have many more to come, but fashion isn’t just looks. It’s the feel, the look, the power inside you. Let’s keep this fight going. Fuck this country, fuck it’s lies, and I’m done.

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