How can I stay positive with harsh imagery and suggestive thoughts?

I get asked a lot, how am I so positive and against hatred and the bigotry of this world yet act like some angry punk that hates the world? Well let’s start with, a perception is just that. I know what impact my words and visuals can have on the community of us all and I do put much thought into it. If the imagery or wording is “too much” then that was my directive. I don’t hate, I love. I don’t want to see anyone being hurt or hurting another. I do what I can in my every day to make sure that someone who may need a smile, gets one from me. This isn’t science people, it’s called being a good fucking person and putting aside the preconceived perceptions of other unlike us.

WeekendFuneral is just that. We don’t care if you want to drink and party all night long. Live where you want. From the penthouse to the carport or street corner, you build and make your worth. I stand against the bullshit this country is feeding us today. The lies and fuck ups today have been there, just not as televised. We are human and humans have emotions and this is what drives us to be happy, sad, angry or hateful. I want to bring forward even further the mess that we are inside so we know how powerful we are, alone, to make it through each day. I have always had a close connection to the “darker side” of life and I will not adjust. This goes for everyone: Be Yourself and say FUCK IT. As alone as you are, you aren’t the only one alone and I hope to bring together those of us that feel the disconnect I do every day.

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