Do or Die

Well the obvious, but by? What's on that other side that no one has seen? Recently I've been dealt a bit when it comes to life. It's almost a veil is lifted. Strange to say, I've come to terms with voices and sounds around me, but in this day, we'll just chop it up as "stress".

Either way, I've come to see how people love my line and it seriously makes me "jumbled" with happiness. I'm not great at accepting praise for something I've done because I've not had much to share in life. I was never the "straight A" student. In fact, I was bullied almost my entire middle and high school. It did make it hard to concentrate on studies when you just want to end it, but I prevailed and kept forward. 

I get what it means to put your heart and soul into something and feel as if I'm on display. Who's saying what? Well I just basically made this entire entry to just say THANK YOU to everyone for all the support. 

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