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I’m not someone that is easily at a loss of words, in fact I encourage these challenging moments, yet I find myself confused, sad and fucking pissed off at this nation. This self-proclaimed “Land of the Free” is shaping up to be quite the longest lie in history, our only history. Our hearts literally break for everyone suffering. I haven’t written in sometime for three reasons:


1: I’m just fucking depressed and hiding

2: I was until recently, financially in the shits. New products are coming. A real opening.

3: What the fuck America? 

I don’t understand how someone can live without a balance. It’s either far right or far left- never civility due to secrecy of how this country is ran. How can we, me included, just sit around and do nothing yet we ask for something to be done so… who’s got the answer? Is there an answer? I’m beyond exhausted and my anger has risen beyond the point of being easily controlled. So much hurt and pain and sadness that beneath the surface, eating us alive.

As for WeekendFuneral, we’ve been somewhat quiet. I have to take initiative and create and devise how and when WeekendFuneral will come through. The love and support from everyone has been overwhelming and I’ve heard all you’ve had to say when it comes to what you want. Just in case, let’s do this: Email us. Tell u what you’d like to see or have considered. I want to make sure, as I am coming with aggression and I can’t do it without all of you. We may be little working gears in this huge machine, no one realizes how important we are to keeping this machine in motion. United we stand. United we fall. United we rise. With wise counsel we make our war. FUCK IT ALL.

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