There's been some recent changes within WeekendFuneral and it remains home-grown, printed in Los Angeles without direction from anyone. This is my line, to show you what I can put out and these changes are not funded or sourced by anyone but me. I don't truly believe in building the hype when there is no hype and what I bring is straightforward and raw meaning and emotion to a "simple T-Shirt". T-Shirt dominated lines tend to be seen as a quick gimmick or scheme, though I don't stop at just T-Shirts. There's plenty raw design for an entire collection and the visions seem endless. I don't speak much on major, future endeavors with WeekendFuneral, simply because times and emotions change. Just stick around with us, and I will show what I got.

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  • Melissa Lynn on

    I’m hear for it! A fellow entrepreneur. I always seem to have the ideas but then lack the creativity to follow it through to into a fully finished craft. I love your post. It inspires me to continue to keep trying, maybe, eventually I’ll finish something I can be proud off. YOU GOT THIS!

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